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It was a busy political and commercial port city throughout the medieval period and into the edo period 16031868 when it formally became the capital of the shimazus fief, the satsuma domain. Kagoshima prefecture also known as the satsuma domain was the center of the territory of the shimazu clan for many centuries. The majestic active volcano sakurajima rises before kagoshima city. Kagoshima prefecture, japan map of kagoshima, jp where.

Media in category maps of kagoshima prefecture the following 41 files are in this category, out of 41 total. Kagoshima city area guide things to do in kagoshima city. When you press the button, the buttons and the display behind the drivers seat show the following message. Sakurajima, the symbol of kagoshima, is only 4 km across the sea from kagoshima city and is 1,117 m high. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Decorated with colourfull exterior and calming woodfinished interior, this bus with large windows and observation seats in the rear is a comfortable option for your sightseeing. To help you organize your kagoshima trip ideas, this kagoshima visitors guide provides travel information and trip tips about how to get there, where to stay, what to do, where to eat and more. Map of kagoshima detailed map of kagoshima are you looking for the map of kagoshima. Get price alerts and deals so you can travel your way. Find any address on the map of kagoshima or calculate your itinerary to and from kagoshima, find all the tourist attractions and michelin guide restaurants in kagoshima. Information on where your ship docks, how to get from the port into the city, maps, bus and shuttle information, public transport options, cruise terminal information, cruise port schedules, must see sights, shopping guides, restaurant guides, internet and wifi locations, and suggestions for things to do. Getting off the tram press the button when your stop is announced, please press the nearest button on the side of the windows. This is an online tool mashup to search postal code of a place, address or city in kagoshima, japan. Fare one way rapica and iwasaki ic cards can also be used.

Kirishima city september 2007 yoshimatsu ebino jct. Marine port kagoshima lies along the coast of kinko bay,sandwiched between kagoshima city and mt. Official tourism website of kagoshima city about sakurajima. Save your favorite travel ideas and see them on a map. And, when you need to get home there are 155 bus and tram stops, and subway and railway stations in kagoshima. The 10 best things to do in kagoshima 2020 with photos. Kagoshima shi has a population of 555,352 making it the biggest city in kagoshima. With its warm climate, coastal location and varied geography, kagoshima offers scenic views, outdoor sports and gourmet food and drink. The southernmost prefecture of mainland kyushu stretches hundreds of kilometres south, allowing visitors to experience a rich range of history, culture and activities, all within the one prefecture. Media in category maps of kagoshima the following 39 files are in this category, out of 39 total. The city is often compared with its italian sister city naples due to a similarly mild climate, palm tree lined streets, relatively hot tempered inhabitants and sakurajima, kagoshima s vesuvius.

Kagoshima is a historical city watched over by the looming bulk of sakurajima, an active volcano that regularly dumps ash over the city and erupts a bit every now and then to remind people its still there. The prefectures capital city is likened to the italian city of naples due to its climate and presence of a volcano. Kagoshima prefecture corresponds to the ancient japanese provinces osumi and satsuma, including the northern part of the ryukyu islands. The city is often compared with its italian sister city naples due to a similarly mild climate, palm tree lined streets, relatively hot tempered inhabitants and sakurajima, kagoshimas vesuvius. Along 50 kilometers, service operated as a commuter rail of kagoshima city, with a curious high frequency 20 minutes per direction, by only one track and diesel railcars between kagoshima and goino stations. Link 3 population density map generated by instructions from daysleeperrr on reddig. Kagoshima is a prefecture found in the nation of japan. A map of sakurajima in 1902, showing it as a distinct island. Home to 1,786,214 people, it is the 24th largest division in japan in terms of population. It is often called the naples of japan because of its volcano sakurajima, warm weather, and proximity to the bay. Jr kashii line jr sasaguri line jr chikuhi line atsu with a population of about 1. Map of the bombardment of kagoshima on 15 to 18 august 1863.

Our city map of kagoshima japan shows 4,368 km of streets and paths. Kagoshima citys official website for tourist information introduces popular sightseeing destinations such as sakurajima, senganen, tenmonkan and the. Used data source is the gridded population of the world gpw, v3 online at the the socioeconomic data and. Map of kagoshima hotels and attractions on a kagoshima. Christianity was first introduced to japan in kagoshima by francis xavier, and western technology entered japan at tanegashima in the form of muskets.

Situated on shiroyama hill 108 m above sea level, shiroyama hotel kagoshima overlooks kagoshima city and offers commanding views of sakurajima, the symbol of kagoshima, and kinko bay. Kagoshima is kyushus southernmost major city and the capital of kagoshima prefecture. The kagoshima city view is the sightseeing bus running between the main tourist spots in kagoshima city. This map is perfect for helping you on your trip around kyushu. This region played a key role in the meiji restoration saigo takamori, and the city of kagoshima was an important naval base during japans 20th century wars and the home of admiral togo heihachiro. Map of kagoshimashi, kagoshima, japan and kagoshimashi travel guide. Approximately 5 minutes by tram from kagoshima chuoeki mae.

Kagoshima gained its current status as a prefecture in the year 1868. Ask questions and get answers from travelers like you. Jnto pg707 kagoshima and vicinity japan national tourism. On this folding map, the main sightseeing spots of kagoshima are displayed. You can view this either as a kagoshima map or as a satellite image. Explore kagoshima holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Welcome to kagoshima city, capital of kagoshima prefecture and one of the larger cities in kyushu. Here you can check out different pamphlets about kyushu and download them in pdf format. Kagoshima prefecture is the southernmost prefecture on the island of kyushu, japan. Kagoshima prefecture with population statistics, maps, charts, weather and web information.

You can also search for available hostels in kagoshima, check prices, view pictures and book online with no booking fee. This guidebook has information on different aspects of kyushus tourist spots as. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Kagoshima prefecture is located at the south end of kyushu, which is the southernmost of the four main islands in japan.

Map of kagoshimashi, kagoshima road map, satellite view and. The southernmost big city on japans main islands, sunny kagoshima has a personality to match its climate and has been voted japans friendliest city nationwide. Kagoshima city s official website for tourist information introduces popular sightseeing destinations such as sakurajima, senganen, tenmonkan and the museum of the meiji restoration, sample routes, leisure and various programs, food, souvenirs, and recommended travel itineraries. It is an active volcano that is known throughout the world. Kagoshima, japan postal code lookup by addresscity, map zip. On june 17, 1945, kagoshima city was attacked by b29 bombers with 2316 persons killed, while in the same year, suicide attack planes departed from kagoshima prefecture. Kagoshima kagoshima is the capital of kagoshima prefecture on the island of kyushu, japan. Kagoshima satellite map online map of kagoshima, japan. Ibusuki is a city in kagoshima prefecture, japan, at the southeastern tip of the satsuma peninsula. From april 1, 2005, together with nangoku kotsu and jr kyushu bus, the bureau introduced rapica, a smart card ticketing system. Maphill presents the map of kyushu in a wide variety of map types and styles. The most ancient historical site in kagoshima prefecture is the tachikiri site on tanegashima island, where traces of livelihood and pitfall traps that date back to the paleolithic age more than 30,000 years ago have been discovered. As o 1 januar 2010, the ceety haed an estimatit population. Kagoshima port ticket sales office 0992237271 sakurajima port ship department, operations division 0992932525 kagoshima city transport bureau ticket sales office 0992572101 kagoshima city transport bureau sakurajima office 0992934220 sakurajima islandview tour bus course.

At the end of the war, islands southernmore than 30 parallel went into american control. Kagoshima prefecture, japan map of kagoshima, jp where is. Kagoshima is the capital of kagoshima prefecture on the island of kyushu, japan understand. The ferry regularly runs back and forth between sakurajima and kagoshima port. The government of kagoshima is lead by yuichiro itoand is based in the prefecture capital of kagoshima population. If you wanted to walk them all, assuming you walked four kilometers an hour, eight hours a day, it would take you 7 days. Fukuoka sightseeing map 1 2 meinohama marinoa shimoyamato.

Use our interactive map to locate kagoshima hostels by area. Kagoshima city is set against the backdrop of sakurajima, an active volcano and the city s icon in kagoshima prefecture. Temple nakagori taxi temple bank tomiya ryokan hotaru kan nagomi doll museum park taxi tomi yag ler bank chiran rentacar. Kagoshimashi road map and satellite view with street view, gps navigation. Kumamoto city has a various restaurants which can provide you a vegetarian meals. How to use the tram and bus kagoshima city transport bureau. The home of nearmythical samurai hero saigo takamori see history, it. The population development of kagoshima prefecture according to census results and latest estimates. Select the name of the placeaddress city in kagoshima, japan from the suggested list. Visit kagoshima city official tourist information site.

Tanegashima tanegashima is an island in kagoshima prefecture. Map of kagoshima hotels and attractions on a kagoshima map. Kirishima city sekinoo falls yoiyanse m ikazu pon shinwano sato mingeimura pottery museum ikoma plateau d maruo kurinodake onsen area highway national road prefectural road j r trekking route hospital gas local products shrine information daikirishima tourist association tel. Kagoshima port tourist information kagoshima kurobuta berkshire pork. The kagoshima city view is a great way to travel around the citys sightseeing spots in a short period of time. Spread about on a hilly area with an altitude of 70 meters kagoshima, miyazaki. This place is situated in kagoshima, kyushu, japan, its geographical coordinates are 31 36 0 north, 33 0 east and its original name with diacritics is kagoshima. In 1953, amami islands were returned to kagoshima prefecture. This tour will take you to the main sightseeing spots in kagoshima city daily service course and night. Kagoshima prefecture is a treasure trove of safe and reliable delicacies, making the most of its fertile environment to produce japans largest output of livestock like beef cattle and pig, agricultural products such as sweet potatoes and broad beans, as well as farmed yellowtail, amberjack, and unagi eel.

Kagoshima is the capital city of kagoshima prefecture, japan. We build each detailed map individually with regard to the characteristics of the map area and the chosen graphic style. It makes perfect sense why it would be a sister city with naples, italy. It haes been nicknamed the naples o the eastren warld for its bay location aira caldera, het climate an impressive stratovolcano, sakurajima.

With the aim of realising the initiative called environment leading city kagoshima, kagoshima city has been promoting a unique project since 2006 as part of its effort to create a comfortable environment surrounded by green. Kagoshima travel guide view the kayak kagoshima city guide for the best kagoshima travel tips. The volcano is treasured both academically and as a tourism. Bukeyashiki street samurai houses bicycle rental post office groove where carp swim fumoto riv. Go out from kagoshima chuo station on jr kagoshima main line, take kagoshima city tram from kagoshima chuoeki mae station to takami baba dentei3 stops, then walk about 2 minutes to the hotel.

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